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MPI Export is an Indian company that has been in the business of manufacturing and exporting sewing machines and their attachments since 1985. The company has come a long way since its inception and has grown into a 100% export-oriented business that prides itself on its high standards of business conduct, ethics, and social responsibility.

One of the key strengths of MPI Export is its commitment to using the latest and most effective technology available. The company understands that technology plays a crucial role in the manufacturing process, and it is always looking for ways to improve its operations. This commitment to technology has enabled MPI Export to produce high-quality sewing machines and attachments that meet the needs of its customers.

Another strength of MPI Export is its people. The company recognizes that its employees are its most important asset, and it is committed to their growth and development. MPI Export provides its employees with a positive work environment, opportunities for training and development, and a competitive compensation package. This has helped the company to attract and retain some of the best talent in the industry.

MPI Export’s product line includes a range of domestic and industrial sewing machines, as well as sewing machine attachments. The company’s sewing machines are designed to be durable, reliable, and easy to use. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, from basic sewing tasks to more complex industrial applications.

In addition to its product line, MPI Export also offers a range of services to its customers. These include customization of sewing machines and attachments to meet specific customer needs, as well as after-sales support and maintenance services. The company is committed to providing its customers with the highest level of service possible and is always looking for ways to improve its offerings.

MPI Export’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned it a reputation as a leader in the sewing machine industry. The company has received numerous awards and accolades for its products and services, and it continues to be a trusted partner for businesses and individuals around the world.

In conclusion, MPI Export is a company that has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1985. Its commitment to technology, its people, and its customers has enabled it to grow into a successful and respected business that is a leader in the sewing machine industry. Whether you are a business or an individual looking for a reliable and high-quality sewing machine, MPI Export is a company that you can trust to meet your needs.

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